Recover Deleted Files from SDHC Card

SDHC cards possess huge data storage capacity as well as high speed data transfer. So the SDHC cards are safe and secure to maintain our precious files as back up. You can store all types of files like music, videos, pictures, etc. These SDHC cards are high capacitated in storing huge data as they start up with minimum storage of 4 GB. In spite of its advantages, it prone to data loss commonly due to hasty users or some external factors could make it to lose data from corruption. So here you can get solution to get back the deleted or lost Files from SDHC cards using this SDHC card restoration software. This software is helpful to rescue deleted files and supports all kinds of file recovery.

Some of the common SDHC card data loss situations:

  • Sudden detachment of memory card: When you are transferring files from SDHC card to computer, during that if SDHC card is detached suddenly from computer, then the files stored on SDHC card or the files under transfer might be deleted or become inaccessible.
  • Virus incursion: The virus can directly delete some needed files or it make the SDHC card to get corrupted. So this virus takes major role to lose files from SDHC cards.
  • Accidental deletion of files or formatting the SDHC card: It is likely to wipe out the data from SDHC card of your digital camera, sometimes the card is formatted using format option available in digital cameras.
  • Inaccessibility of SDHC card: The inaccessibility of the SDHC card could cause severe data loss. Commonly the inaccessibility occurs due to improper handling, hardware failure, virus attack etc.

No need to be worried, the SDHC card recovery tool can successfully get back deleted or lost files such as music files, videos, documents, etc. You have to utilize this application to salvage the deleted files; this application is too well-groomed to reclaim the files of different file format. This tool carries out recovery of files on all Windows OS and on Mac OS X. This is the best tool to carry out Micro SDHC card recuperation as well as mini SDHC card revival in easy steps. You can use this application to recover deleted data from famous SDHC card manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic etc.

Apart from SDHC card you can also use this SDHC card recovery tool to execute the recovery of formatted, corrupted or inaccessible memory cards of different types. This tool can easily undo the formatting or deleting actions to rescue the precious files. It perform read only operation and is safe to use with detailed screen shots of usage steps. You can even test this tool’s efficiently towards recovery by making use of demo version of this software. For more detailed information about deleted files recovery visit this link -

Steps of SDHC Card Recovery:

Step 1: Install the demo version and then connect the SDHC card to system and then choose "Recover Files" option.

Recover Deleted Files from SDHC Card - Recover Files

Figure 1: Recover Files

Step 2: Choose the SDHC card to scan for the deleted files.

Recover Deleted Files from SDHC Card - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select SDHC Card

Step 3:After scan, the files will be recovered and you can preview them as shown in below fig.

Recover Deleted Files from SDHC Card - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: In order to restore the previewed files, you have to purchase the licensed version of this software.

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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