Dane Elec SD Card Recovery

Dane-Elec is one of the famous French SD card and other storage device maker. Dane-Elec SD cards are very compatible device to store different types of data like video, songs, images etc. To perform read/write operation, you need to insert this Dane-Elec SD card to card reader or other devices like Cell Phones, Cameras, Tablets etc. When the SD card memory gets full, user wants to delete the unwanted files from the SD card to add some other new files. Sometimes the files in the Dane-Elec SD card files may also get deleted unintentionally. In such cases, you should know how to recover Dane Elec SD card data? If you are unware about the Dane Elec SD card recovery, then just go through this article and find out how Dane Elec SD card recovery is possible.

As data loss always disappoints the user, you no need to be worried by any of these types of data loss. This is because, you can overcome this type of data loss by using one of the best SDHC Card Recovery Software that can easily restore Dane Elec SD card data. This software can help you to recover corrupted SanDisk memory card, Dane-Elec SD card, Transcend, Lexar etc. In your case, just you need to follow few steps and restore Dane-Elec SD card files within seconds.

How data in the Dane-Elec SD Card get deleted/lost?

  • Improper ejection of Dane-Elec SD card - In order to transfer data from Dane-Elec SD card to any other device or vice-versa, you need card reader or data cable to connect it to a PC. Once it is connected and when you start the data transfer, if you abruptly eject the Dane Elec SD card from the card reader that is connected to your system then you may end up in loss of valuable data from the Dane-Elec SD card.
  • Accidental format of Dane-Elec SD card -If you accidentally use format option instead of clicking on some other option then it may leads to data loss/deletion from the Dane-Elec SD card as formatting deletes everything stored on your storage device.
  • Virus attack - It is one of the major and common reason for the deletion/loss of data from the Dane-Elec SD card. If the user insert the Dane-Elec SD card to the virus infected device then it corrupts the file system thereby corrupting the Dane-Elec SD card. Once Dane-Elec SD card gets corrupted, it will become unable to access the files stored in it.

Special features of this software are:

  • SDHC Card Recovery software has the ability to recover photos from SDHC card, SDXC card, micro SD, mini SD card along with Dane-Elec SD card.
  • Fast and quick scanning process helps to find all the deleted/lost files from Dane-Elec SD card.
  • Recovered data from Dane-Elec SD card can be saved on any internal or external storage devices.
  • It also has the capability to retrieve data from formatted and corrupted Dane Elec SD cards.
  • This software increases the ease of SD card recovery process by providing simple GUI interface.

Follow these simple procedures for Dane-Elec SD card recovery:

Step 1: First download the SDHC card recovery software and install it. Then select “Recover photos” option among the three options. This option will help you to recover all the media files like songs, images, video etc. from Dane-Elec SD card.

Dane-Elec SD Card Recovery - Recover Photos

Figure 1: Recover Photos

Step 2: Now, select the specific option i.e. either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" based on your scenario.

Dane-Elec SD Card Recovery - Recover Deleted/Lost Photos

Figure 2: Recover Deleted/Lost Photos

Step 3: Now, select the Dane-Elec SD card to recover data from it. Once the recovery process is done, you can preview the files before saving them to any of the drive as shown in figure 3.

Dane-Elec SD Card Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Note: To recover Dane-Elec SD card data easily, you are not supposed to add other files in the same card after the deletion. Otherwise it is not possible to restore Dane-Elec SD card data using any recovery software as usage of card overwites the deleted data resulting in permanent data loss.

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