�� How to Recover Data from Damaged SDHC Card?

Corrupted SDHC Card Recovery: An Ultimate Guide to Recover Lost Data

SDHC is basically a new flash memory product available on the market. It stands for  High Capacity SD Memory Card where, SD is an abbreviation for Secure Digital. SDHC Card is regarded as more advanced form of SD Card which, comprises of considerably improved expandable memory for electronic devices that are portable such as, digital camera and many more. SD Card Association initiated this SD Card which is a new generation specification with capacity ranging from 2GB to 32GB.  SDHC uses FAT32 file system with a greater capacity ranging from 4GB to 64GB as compared to the prior version of SD Card using FAT16 file system with utmost capacity of 2GB.

You can make use of this card to store vast number of images, songs, videos etc. and even you can transfer them with reliable speed. It is also considered as a safe storage media to store all your important files. Apart from all these outstanding features when compared to other memory cards, there are situations that lead to corruption of SDHC Card which in turn lead to deletion or loss of your valuable files stored in it. When SDHC Card gets corrupt, error messages such as,  SDHC Card not formatted or  Memory Card Error etc. are displayed by it. This in turn doesn t allow you to access your precious files. Don t worry! In such cases, you can recover corrupted SDHC Card using efficient SDHC Card recovery software.

Scenarios that lead to corruption of SDHC Card:

  • SDHC Card gets infected by deadly viruses / malwares which lead to corruption of the SDHC Card. Deadly viruses / malwares infect your SDHC when it is connected to computers that are virus infected
  • While read-write or copying process, if you remove or disconnect your SDHC card then, it gets corrupt or damaged severely
  • Other reasons such as, storing files on SDHC Card even if its memory is full, using the same SDHC Card on multiple storage drives etc. may also corrupt SDHC Card

Use SDHC Card Recovery Tool to Recover Your Data:

You can successfully know about how to recover corrupted SDHC Card due to any of the situations mentioned above using appropriate SDHC Card Recovery Software. This software is one of the most recommended media recovery software that helps you to perform corrupt sdhc card recovery process within a minimum amount of time. It easily perform corrupt SDHC card recovery process where, it effectively recovers files such as, pictures, audio, videos etc. from corrupted SDHC Card. Apart from performing corrupt SDHC Card retrieval process, this software can also recover formatted SDHC Card, damaged, and inaccessible. With the help of this software, you can perform SDHC card corrupted recovery and, also it helps you to recover Samsung SDHC card data. Also, you can recover files from different branded cards like Toshiba, Kingston, Sony, SanDisk, etc. with greater ease.It is compatible to perform SDHC Card corrupted recovery on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. It even recovers data deleted / lost from external hard drives, flash drives, USB drives, iPods etc. Hence, it is the best software to recover corrupted SDHC Card. It also supports SDHC Card recovery Mac as well as its latest versions. Make use of the demo version of the software in order to try higher chances of your corrupted SDHC Card data getting recovered.

Steps to recover data corrupted SDHC Card:

Step 1: Download, and install the free version of SDHC Card Recovery Software on your system. Now, launch the software, and Connect the SDHC card from where files has to be recovered to your laptop/desktop. From the main screen choose "Recover Files", and then select the SDHC card from the list of available logical drives, and hit Scan button to initiate scanning process.

SDHC Card not Formatted Error - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The tool now scans the SD card to locate lost/deleted files from the card. In this stage, you can see the progress of file recovery as shown in the figure.

SDHC Card not Formatted Error - Select SDHC Card

Figure 2: Software Scanning the SDHC Card

Step 3: The files will be displayed for a review at the end of the scan procedure. The files will be listed in Data View and File Type View. You can verify the file contents just by right-clicking on the particular file item.

SDHC Card not Formatted Error - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Recovered Files in Data View & File Type View

Step 4: Now you can continue to save the recovered files to any suitable drive location.

SDHC Card not Formatted Error - Preview Screen

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files